Trey by Cat Johnson

Red, Hot and Blue, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-988-5

Reviewed by Jo




Trey Williams is a member of Special Task Force Zeta. He is happy with not having a wife or girlfriend, and doesn’t really want either one. He knows a distracted solider is a dead one. When not on a mission, Trey enjoys spending time with members of his team. But lately he’s noticed the bartender who works at the bar just off the base. Wouldn’t be a bad thing except he’s not into relationships, and one of his team seems to be developing major feelings for her.

Carly McAfee runs a bar just off base where several soldiers based there come frequently. No matter how hard most of the solders try, Carly does not date military men. This is a rule that she absolutely follows every day. Even when pressured, Carly comes up with reasons why the date won’t happen. There might be one soldier that Carly wouldn’t mind breaking her rule with but he hasn’t even tried to get her attention in that way.

When a mission develops suddenly and one of the team is threatened, the unusual circumstances force Trey and Carly to work together on an undercover op. Because of the facts and odds, Carly agrees to work the mission without any knowledge of what it will entail. Their cover as a couple seems to be working when lives suddenly demand a split second decision that only one will make in secret. That decision might change Carly and Trey forever. With the danger and their passion for each other, will they be able to stick to their hard and fast rules?

Attraction can lead to passion and misunderstandings. Trey brings a member of the Zeta team up close and personal with a civilian to save a life. Carly doesn’t date military men – too bad she’s surrounded by them. Trey likes having a good time with his buddies when not on a mission; relationships just aren’t for him.  Carly and Trey have to become other people so they can save a member of the Zeta team. The closeness that begins during the op is almost destroyed by several misunderstandings and then by their stubbornness. With the help of a friend, Trey and Carly find a way to discover just what their relationship can become. Trey is fast paced and spiced with danger and eroticism – my kind of book.  If Trey is the beginning of the men of Special Task Force Zeta I can’t wait to see the others.


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