Unspoken Desires by Stormy Glenn

Tri-Omega Mates, Book 5

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-284-3

Reviewed by Lisa




The most revered of shifter laws is the mating bond.  Five years ago Brom McGregor refused to claim his mate, Daniel James, as well as forcing him to permanently leave the McGregor wolf pack.

That refusal almost destroyed Daniel.  But fate was kind to him; he found his way to Alpha Jake McAlester and the Wolfrik pack where he was accepted for who he is, a gay wolf.

This year the Wolf Council meeting is on Vourdala Island and everyone is expected to attend these wolf clan meetings.  Daniel is looking forward to renewing friendships with other pack members until he sees Brom, then all the feelings of hurt and betrayal resurface even though it has been years.  He learns that Brom is now married with two small cubs, yet the moment Brom spots Daniel with another feelings of jealousy and rage nearly consume Brom.  Daniel canít understand why Brom is so angry.  Maybe itís time Brom tells Daniel the truth, why he was forced to give up his mate and who Jaryn is because his role in their lives will change everything.  This is one clan meeting that no one will ever forget.

Unspoken Desires packs an emotional punch!  From lovers torn apart in the past to an unexpected added romantic complication, Unspoken Desires doesnít hold back in this angst filled drama.  Unspoken Desires is definitely one heck of a roller coaster love story.  The main characters, Daniel, Brom, and Jaryn are well developed, fully fleshed out men who readers will grow to care about.  There are secondary characters that are also important to the plot development, but sometimes the huge cast of characters overshadows the tale and slows the pacing down.  While itís great to hear from characters in past books, itís still overwhelming at times.  Having said that, Daniel, Brom, and Jaryn do still manage to stand out in the crowd.  Unspoken Desires has some smoking hot love scenes that literally sizzle the pages, but ultimately this is one fine romance filled with passion, betrayal, and salvation.


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