Untraceable by Laura Griffin

Pocket Star


ISBN: 978-1-4391-4919-5

Reviewed by Nannette




Private investigator Alex Lovell helped Melanie Coghan disappear. But when Melanie really disappears, Alex worries that the man Melanie was running from - her husband Craig - is the reason why.  Craig is a cop, which makes things sticky so Alex turns to a cop she can trust for help - Nathan Devereaux, but Nathan finds her very hard to believe. It’s not until Alex may be in danger that he starts to see the truth behind her story. The danger goes much deeper than either of them imagined and Craig will stop at nothing to see that his secrets stay hidden.

Alex hides her vulnerability behind a calm, cool, and collected façade. She’s smart, tough, and fiercely independent while being continually stubborn. Right from the start Nathan is a perfect match for Alex. He can be aloof and he is intense, but he’s hiding his vulnerability as well. The angst-filled and passionate relationship between Alex and Nathan is matched by the many twists and turns in Untraceable. It’s a riveting, compelling, and frightening story.


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