Velvet Submission by Violet Summers

Velvet Ice

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-661-6

Reviewed by Shayna




Gregori Lavinkia knew nothing but pain as a child in Communist Russia.  Now, as an adult, he has turned pain into pleasure, loving the feeling of submitting to a skilled Dominatrix.  But lately, Gregori has a problem.  His job as security at Club Velvet Ice brings him in frequent contact with Mistress M, aka Megan Jamison.  The beautiful Domme is the only woman Gregori wants mastering him, but though he can tell she wants him, Megan steadfastly refuses to mix Domming with sex.  Can Gregori live with either being her sub or her lover?  Or through his love and submission, can he break down the great divide and give all of himself to the Domme who has captured his heart?

Male sub/Female Domme stories are somewhat hard to come by, but no matter the pool of stories, nobody does it better than Violet Summers.  Velvet Submission is a sexy tale of heartbreak, personal discovery, and love.  I absolutely adored its two protagonists.  Megan has grown up under the controlling hand of her father, and she turns to Domming as a way to reclaim her power.  It was wonderful to watch her figure out that she didnít have to separate mastering and sex, and I wonít deprive readers the experience of her journey by going into how.  As for Gregori, he is a strong man, no question about it, and itís a beautiful thing to watch his submission.  He makes mistakes with Megan in his eagerness to win her over, but she makes some as well and itís their flaws every bit as much as their strengths that make Velvet Submission such a captivating read.

Velvet Submission can be read as a standalone story, but takes place primarily in the world of Velvet Ice.  Fans of Violet Summers will love to get a brief visit with some of their favorite characters, including Meganís best friends, Celia and Kendra.  I must say, with every new story, the authors are building the anticipation for Celiaís story.  Sparks fly whenever she and club owner Brady Ryder are in the same room and I know their book will be explosive.  Still, while I anxiously await future Velvet Ice tales, I am more than happy to sit down and enjoy Velvet Submission again and again and again.


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