Viking Heat by Sandra Hill


Time Travel

ISBN: 978-0061673498

Reviewed by Jambrea




Joy Nelson gets thrown back in time and into the arms of a Viking. Her female Navy Seals training didnít prepare her for a Viking whose gone berserk, but good thing sheís a trained psychologist. Sheís going to need all of her training to survive.

Brandr Igorsson doesnít know if he wants to bed or kill the thrall his dimwit brothers gifted him. She isnít like any woman Brandr has known, but he will put her in her place. Sheíll be his, whether she likes it or not.

Will the headstrong Joy and the Viking get over their differences or will it be a fight to the end?

Viking Heat plundered its way into my heart. Itís been a while since Iíve read a time-travel and Sandra Hill knows how to drag me in with her Viking series. Not only does it have hot Vikings from the past, but Viking Heat has Navy Seals. Thatís yummy in any time period, or language for that matter.

Joy is a great character. I love the double dog dares between her and her brothers and how they get her to do what they want her to do. I will say that I was a little surprised that her brothers would dare her to enter the military after a shock to the family. It seemed a little off, but it worked for the story and didnít completely draw me out of it. I just had a ďhuh?Ē moment, but it really was the best thing for her.

Brandr had my heart from the beginning. He went through so much and he really needed Joy.

I love the humor that Ms. Hill threads through her stories. She can take pain and make it better with a laugh. Viking Heat had that and more. I canít wait for the next Viking time travel story. Hoo-yah!


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