Warflesh by Kim Knox

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 9781419923999

Reviewed by Patrice F.




As warflesh, a genetically enhanced human created to bring pleasure, Fina Brodie works for her government, negotiating conditions with her body and sexual skills.  It is always on her terms—until now.  Lord Kian of the Tir is requesting Fina as payment in return for his planet’s mystical spice-water.  Acting as her guard is Jonathon Raegh, a man she’s known and wanted for years.  The spice-water combined with her tweaked libido weakens her resolve to not yield to her desire for him.  Yet, the Tir Lord has requested Jon to be a part of a public spring festival.  Will she be able to keep her distance?  In the past, it has always been just a job, but now with the Tir involved and keeping secrets, everything is beyond her control.

In Warflesh, there’s loads of sexual tension, an icy aphrodisiac, and a ritual that’s a ménage a la free-for-all between three libidinous adults. This was not a porn-without-plot tale set in space.  Oh no, there’s enough plot to go around and fascinating characters who do more than just have hot sex.  Fina, Jon, and Kian make this story happen, and they are what keep the reader enthralled.  I needed to understand Fina’s decision to become warflesh, Jon’s distant reluctance, and Kian’s true motives in choosing them. There’s nothing simple about this trio, I’m pleased to say.

If a story could scream “I’m hot!” then Warflesh most certainly would.  Kim Knox has a wicked way with words and characters that are remarkable.  I truly enjoyed this story!  This is the second narrative I’ve read by this author and she deserves another A+.  Everything she does can best be described as unique and progressive.  And blazing, searing, ferociously hot!  Overall, this is an excellent example of erotic sci-fi romance many will take pleasure in.


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