While She Was Sleeping… by Isabel Sharpe

Blaze #533


Audio Book


ISBN: 9780373795376

Reviewed by Tanya




Alana is the sensible older sister, Melanie is the free spirited screw-up who falls in love with anyone that she meets, whether they deserve it or not.  Now Alana is again worried about her sister as she has a man moving into the house that she and Melanie jointly own.  No matter what Melanie says Alana can’t believe that this guy is different than all the other “bad-boys” that Melanie has dated and no way will she let one of those cretins live in her house.

Alana is supposed to be on her way to Florida to start a new job and look after her grandparents (even if they don’t want it) but before she leaves she is heading back to Milwaukee to see the latest loser for herself.  But, after waking up in bed, on the heels of the most amazing erotic dream, to find super sexy Sawyer Kern she is a bit confused to say the least.

Yum is what I think of when thinking about Melanie in While She Was Sleeping.  I know waking up when single never sounded this good to me.  Isabel Sharpe had a lot of fun with the ‘assumptions’ made by all the characters in While She Was Sleeping and that made the story even more enjoyable to listen to.  I am new to Ms. Sharpe’s writing but I know While She Was Sleeping won’t be the only story of her that I read.


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