Wild Angels by Bethany Brown and Ashlyn Kane

Lost Boys and Love Letters, Book 3

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-096-3

Reviewed by Cassie




After being shot in the shoulder protecting friends from a crazy stalker, Detective Patrick Hawkins needs to take it easy for a while.  He’s not happy when one of those friends packs him up and sends him off to the country to spend a month with an ex-lover, Dr. Julian Piet, and Julian’s new lover, Jack.  Being with Julian drives home how alone Patrick is, at least until he meets sexy bartender Brad.  Trouble seems to follow Patrick wherever he goes, however.  A missing person case, and Patrick’s own past, may tear Patrick and Brad apart before they can really be together.

Wild Angels is my favorite of the Lost Boys and Love Letters series.  All three books are intertwined, and Wild Angels ties up a lot of the loose ends.  Julian and Jack from book one join Cam and Jeremy from book two, and Patrick (who plays a part in all three books), to fully flesh out how these men are connected.  The connections are a bit convoluted, but interesting nonetheless.

 The reason I liked this book best of the series is mainly because of the conflicted character of Patrick.  He’s got a history of being extremely promiscuous and avoiding commitment, yet he longs for real companionship.  He tries to maintain his tough shell at all times, but in Wild Angels he can’t always do that.  His quick connection to the inexperienced—at least with men—Brad is made all the more interesting by how guarded he usually is.  Brad is initially a little worried about his attraction to another man after years of being only with women, but he deals with the change surprisingly well.  Everything seems to be going perfectly, at first.  Patrick’s issues alone would be enough to base a book around, but Bethany Brown and Ashlyn Kane also work in some hashing out of lingering issues between Julian and Patrick, which they handle in a way I certainly wouldn’t have chosen, but it seems to work for them in a weird way, and also a missing person case.

In my opinion, the missing person case was the weakest portion of Wild Angels.  It initially provided some suspense, but the resolution left a lot of unanswered questions.  I was also a bit irritated by the incessant nicknames, an aspect which seems to be in all three books of the series.  The strongest aspect was Patrick’s attempt to deal with his own fears.  I liked the way Ms. Brown and Ms. Kane portrayed him as flawed and didn’t shy away from showing him making bad decisions and dealing with the consequences.  The ending was hopeful and realistic, given what had come before.  Fans of the Lost Boys and Love Letters series will be sure to enjoy Wild Angels.


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