Wishbone by Lauren P. Burka

Torquere Press

Fantasy M/M - BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60370-911-8

Reviewed by Lisa




Bronlyn Harbor is a mixture of human, the shih-aan, and their servants the wathara. The peace between species is uneasy.  The humans appreciate the trading merchandise and riches that the alien shih-aan bring to them.  Only they don't realize they are being watched by the shih-aan to determine whether humans are sentient in their alien eyes.  Ultimately, the shih-ann's decision will decide if another war - an all or nothing war - will occur.

Wishbone is a human dockside prostitute.  One evening a shih-aan named Shieh Yeras chooses Wishbone for a night of rough play.  Neither man realizes that this sexual introduction will forever change the course of their lives.  Wishbone's eyes are soon opened to an entirely different way of life, one where humans are barely considered house trained.  At the same time, Shieh Yeras or Sir as Wishbone is instructed to call him, is learning that humans are capable beings.  As they grow closer through intense sexual acts and daily interaction, schemes and dangers are also circling closer.  Fate put them together for a night, but they may just be able to make it last a life time.

Prepare yourself for something completely different when you read Wishbone.  Set in another world, another place, which is never fully explained, where the horse and carriage are used for transport.  Wishbone is a young, common whore kicked out of his family home for being gay. Sir is a diplomat, merchant, and spy.  Neither expected more than a night together.  However, circumstances change everything, which accounts for the complex undercurrent in this tale.  Author Lauren P. Burka builds a fascinating, intricate way of life for the alien race.  Wishbone, the story, follows the opposite beings learning and changing because of each other.  Mixing eroticism, drama, and passion together is what will keep Wishbone alive for readers long after the end.


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