With a Touch by Rhiannon Leith

Samhain Publishing

Futuristic, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60504-967-0

Reviewed by Jo




Eva has only known Guild life and living in the Guild Compound for the majority of her life.  Since she is an extremely strong psychic, her love life is pretty much non-existent.  After all, who wants to know what your partner is actually thinking?  It can be pretty demoralizing at times. The day that Eva is assigned to security begins changes that will forever transform how Eva thinks about the Guild and love.

Aidan is a Guild Security Guard who runs into Eva—literally.  Sexy and seemingly shy, Eva lets him go on his way after the collision, only to find he’s in the room she’s assigned to.  A head rebel has been captured and he isn’t playing by the rules or sharing any information, and Eva is supposed to find out just what Rafael knows.  Imagine her surprise to find out that Rafael is a strong psychic too, and he seems to know someone in the room.  Just then all heck breaks loose and Eva discovers just who knows whom.

Aidan and Rafael are rebels with a cause and went into the compound to get Eva out.  They have been hunting for her for a very long time, but Eva didn’t want to be rescued.  In the next few days, Aidan and Rafael show Eva that everything she thought she knew about pleasure and her early childhood was false.  On shaky ground, Eva tries to piece together real memories from planted ones.  Threesomes are hard enough without having two of them being strong psychics, however Eva, Rafael and Aidan seem to be making it. That is until their camp is attacked by the Guild and Aidan is taken, and Rafael is hurt. Love is the reason behind Eva’s plan to rescue of Aidan from the compound but the rebels have been betrayed and they are about to discover just how ruthless the Guild can be.  Can the strong love between them be enough to keep Eva, Rafael and Aidan together forever?

When your memories are stolen, can love return them?  With a Touch shows Eva, Aidan and Rafael that love really can overcome just about anything.  Eva knows everything about her childhood, even if she doesn’t like it. Or does she?  Aidan and Rafael are friends and lovers who have been searching for Eva and now mean to get her out of the Guilds hands.  I just couldn’t imagine what I would do in Eva’s shoes to discover that everything I thought I remembered was false and implanted. The loving help and circle that Aidan and Rafael provide to Eva proved to me that love really could heal all wounds. The best thing I loved about this threesome is that even when doubts came, two of them always believed in their union. The ending will cause me to smile the next time I see a bunch of colorful butterflies. With a Touch trumped evil while bringing three hearts together in a union not even fear could tear apart.


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