Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover by L. Shannon

Division 8, Book 1

Amber Heat


ISBN: 978-1-60272-519-5

Reviewed by Shayna




With his clan now extinct – by his own hands – werewolf Zeven Ochoa has no allegiances.  An elite assassin, he’s hired by a werewolf alpha and her mate to take out a doctor who is threatening to expose werewolves’ existence to humans.  Another job means nothing to Zeven…until he finds out who the target is.  Harley Walters, now Dr. Harley Lex, is the woman who captured Zeven’s heart, then broke it ten years ago.  Zeven knows this is the first job he’ll be unable to complete.  But to protect Harley from those hunting her, Zeven will have to take on an entire werewolf clan.  And even if he succeeds, can Harley love the man Zeven has become?  Or will she break his heart a second time?

L. Shannon ramps up the action in this fast-paced, sensual first installment to the sure-to-be intriguing Division 8 series.  Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover has all the excitement of a blockbuster action film paired with a sexy love story.  I admit, I’m a sucker for a reunion romance, and Zeven and Harley’s was truly satisfying.  Harley’s reasons for leaving Zeven all those years ago were reasonable, even if I did sympathize with his heartbreak.  That the two are meant to be together is never in question.  There are still plenty of obstacles, however, that they have to overcome.  I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the book by saying what roadblocks are in their path to happily ever after, only that I finished Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover a well-satisfied reader.  I greatly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next Division 8 story.


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