Intimate Beings by Jessica Inclan

Second Romance series, book 2

Zebra Books


ISBN: 1-4201-0114-5

Reviewed by Ley



Claire never felt as if she fit in with the world around her, and lately those feeling are much more overwhelming than normal.  Her loneliness was bordering on depression.  To add to her out of place feeling is her secret ability to transport herself to anyplace that comes to mind.  Believing her life would always be empty, imagine her surprise when a man appears out of nowhere and quickly becomes an important part of her life.

Just like Claire, Darl James has mind travel ability and just like Claire his life was empty.  But Darl knew there was someone special out there for him and he was determined to find her. 

Together Claire and Darl compliment each other with their mind travel abilities. Where Claire’s ability was limited to her being able to travel to places, Darl’s ability was limited to being able to travel back home from where ever he was.  Together their abilities are stronger and it also makes their lives more exciting, but not all of their newly found excitement is positive.  Claire and Darl find their lives in danger from those who want to exploit their gifts and some who want to silence them.

Intimate Beings, the second book in Jessica Inclan’s Second Romance series, is just as unique and intriguing as the first book of this series.  Ms. Inclan’s imagination is great and I like how again the hero and heroine are two peas in a pod who need each other to be whole.  It was obvious that Darl and Claire belonged together, but I would have liked them to have more time to really get to know each other. Even though I felt everything moved at a very quick and high intense pace throughout the story, it was still a very entertaining read.  I enjoyed Intimate Beings; it was a satisfying addition to the Second Romance series.


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