A Heart Aflame by Emily Veinglory
Maewynís Prophecy 3
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-250-9
Reviewed by Jo



Archer spends his days following the commands of the Queen Tania, which usually meant burning someone to death.  But his nights were filled with Roman, his life partner and love.  Archer believes that his only pluses in life are his skills in battle, being a member of the Society and his love for Roman.  Archer knows that Roman loves him but just once he would like to see Roman shout or do something else to show the extent of his emotions. 

Roman is an ancient scholarly elf and extremely civilized in his outward appearance.  Roman loves Archer beyond anything imaginable and knows that he would not survive without him.  However he believes that Archer will eventually be harmed either physically or mentally if he continues to follow the orders of Queen Tania without question.  Roman has tried unsuccessfully to get Archer interested in something else. 

When a past elfin lover of Romanís shows up it is just the start of Archerís trouble.  After an act that could have killed, Archer loses his place in Queen Taniaís army, his flame and is expelled from the Society.  Archer thinking that Roman will also turn away leaves their home one night.  However once settled, Archer finds out that maybe what he believes to be the truth might not have been at all.  Archer, Roman and others in their house work together to reveal who the true villain is.  But has Archer lost his lover - what he values above all?

A Heart Aflame is filled with the doubts of Archer who believes himself much below his life mate, Roman.  Because he canít see his own worth, Archer believes all that happens without question.  Roman knows Archer would never have done anything to harm him or anyone else and is determined to fight for his life mate.  Watching Archer come to believe not only in himself but also in Romanís love was a powerful thing to see.   Archer discovers that no one is always right or perfect, not even a queen.  A Heart Aflame had me firmly in hand very quickly and I was turning pages because I just had to know what would happen next.  I found it a pleasant change to see the Seelie Court in a different light.  I recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and elves.  I have not read the other books in this series, but I plan on getting them now.


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