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Bachelor Number Four by Megan Hart
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-557-9
Reviewed by Jo



Arden Walsh lost her husband to cancer over a year ago.  Now she is a mother of two girls and according to her friends, in the need of sex.  Arden isnít really sure she is ready to jump back in.   But once Arden agrees to think about it, she canít help remembering the one time and person she had the best sex ever with, Shane Donner.  Arden tracks Shane down but believes he is playing games with her.   Arden goes on a few dates, but she just canít shake her memories of Shane and what they had.  There is a difference now as Arden is a package deal with two young daughters.  The question she must find the answer for is can/will Shane be willing to be part of her present and future.

Bachelor Number Four concerns a young widow with kids who begins the next part of her life.  Arden loved her husband and has missed him dreadfully since his death.  But now, spurred on by her friends Arden is beginning to date again and also looks up the one man she has never forgot about.  Shane left a lingering memory but it wasnít that of a man willing to settle down with a family.  Watching Arden work her way through bad dates and sexy IMís all the while dealing with her daughters and her business gave me appreciation for all widows/widowers who have to go on.  Anyone who has had a date from hell, and who hasnít, will feel for Arden.   I gave Shane top marks for not giving up and making Arden see the real him.  Bachelor Number Four is an afternoon read that is worth the time.  Lovers of contemporary romances will want this in their


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