Freighter Flights by Drew Zachary
Torquere Press
Gay Futuristic
Reviewed by Shannon



Will is the second in command on the cargo ship, Arillia.  Heís searching for a guts doctor Ė an engineer to keep them in the air and moving.  What he finds is Tab.  While curious about the other man, Will isnít about to mess with him.  Their personalities just donít seem to mesh.

Tab has no problem accepting a job on board the Arillia, but he is getting frustrated with her feisty pilot.  The first time they run across a convoy of smugglers and Will almost blows out his engine Tab sees red.  The ensuing argument has his eyes rolling back in his head when they share a kiss that is hot enough to blow his mind.

Will and Tab alternate yelling at each other and falling into bed, neither sure where they are going with this.  When things get rough, will they be able to survive?

Freighter Flights is a great story; between the fighting and the sex, Tab and Will are always entertaining.  I was drawn emotionally into Freighter Flights, anxious to see if these two very different men could find love together.  Will was frustrating at times, but Tab was always able to calm him down and I simply loved the humor!  Drew Zachary has penned a winner in Freighter Flights and I canít wait for the sequel.


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