Gryphon’s Quest by Candace Sams
Tales of The Order
Cerridwen Press
ISBN: 1-59836-109-0
Reviewed by Annie


Gryphon O’Connor is one of the most valuable, yet most ostracized of The Order of magical creatures.  Before his birth thirty-three years ago, Gryphon’s parents meddled in magic, which resulted in his condition shapeshifting.  Only Lore, the leader of the Fae, and the Sorceress of the Ancients, who sends him on assignments to benefit The Order, acknowledge him.  Gryphon is a Druid and a warrior, and his current mission is to retrieve three rune stones recently robbed from an ancient burial site in Ireland.

The missing stones are the Stones of Making from the ancient Irish Tuatha de Danaan precursors of humanity.  If utilized in the wrong hands, the world could be overrun by evil.  Since they reflect the soul of the wearer into form, Gryphon with his shifting ability, is the only logical choice to find, retrieve and then forever conceal the Rune Stones.

Gryphon tracks the missing artifacts to a museum and encounters Heather, daughter of a world-famous Celtic archaeologist, who is trying to make her own reputation in archaeological circles.  A museum guard has been murdered by someone using the Runes and a second murder drives Gryphon to search even more diligently in spite his unexpected attraction to Heather, whose professor might well be the source behind the theft and subsequent deaths.

Ms. Sams has a talent for research into ancient Celtic history and her approach to the plot concept is a fascinating one.  Gryphon’s Quest is book one in the series about The Order of magical entities and proves to be well worth the reading.  She weaves history, fantasy, suspense and romance together with an intriguing plot and deep characterization.


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