Heavenly Hijinks by Ashley Ladd
Planetary PassionsEllora’s Cave
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-4199-0534-1
Reviewer: Maura



Demi-god Leo is so incredibly bored with his zodiac relatives.  No one wants to celebrate his birthday with him and he really wants to have some fun.  So, he decides to celebrate his birthday with some mischief on the earth.

Clestie Williams has inherited half interest in her great aunt Petunia’s occult shop, Mystic Sensations, despite the fact that she knows nothing about the occult and is a professional dancer.  But customers start appearing and no matter how often she tells them the shop isn’t open, they won’t leave and seem panicked by the loss of their spiritual guide.  Then a blonde, golden-skinned man wearing only a loincloth comes to her rescue.

I really love the interweaving and interplay between the Greek pantheon of gods and astrological beliefs in Heavenly Hijinks.  Hot, hot sex and the ever-compelling Leo got my attention and the well-crafted story and characterizations kept it.  I really enjoyed reading the fruits of Ashley’s careful research.  Too bad I’m not a Leo; I could use this book’s sexy Greek demi-god!


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