Love's Evolution by Ally Blue
Samhain Publishing
Gay Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-134-3
Reviewed by Cheryl



Late for work and rushing, chef Chris Tucker unwittingly drops his wallet. The urbane chef is surprised by his wallet's rescuer.  Chris has never seen anyone as beautiful as the purple haired, tattooed, and pierced Matt Gallagher.  Although they seemingly have little in common, the attraction isn't one-sided.  Matt boldly issues an invitation, and Chris readily accepts.  That first night the pair know their lives are forever changed. While they are frightened by the intense connection and how right it feels, they are willing to see where this wild ride will take them.

Overflowing with smoking hot man-love and trademark Ally Blue angst, Love's Evolution is a divine treat.  I positively loved Matt.  His impetuous, but ultimately good hearted nature is the perfect foil for the stuffy Chris.  Not without conflict and a bit of tragedy, I was captivated by the development of their relationship.  From the initial explosive chemistry to the deep abiding affection, Love's Evolution is a real love story.  If you like your romance scorching with a good bit of kink and endearing charm, Love's Evolution is the story for you!


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