Pirate King by K.Z. Snow
Cerridwen Press
ISBN 9781419908200
Reviewed by Amelia



After years of toiling in the public school system, Eve Kendrick chucked it all to become an artist.  She set up her looms at an old farmhouse and settled into her new life.  Then one night a tornado came and took it all away.

Enter Jared Kayne, an insurance adjuster who seems to be a stick in the mud.  He examines Eve’s losses, and then decides that she needs to be examined, also.  The first night after the accident, when Eve has bedded down in the barn, he shows up to lend support.

The two start a relationship and Eve soon finds out that, in his earlier life, Jared was a jazz musician, known as The Pirate King.  He quit the music after his wife died, and he was accused of her murder.

Pirate King is a touching story about one woman helping one man put the past to rest, and finding a future together.  Jared is a tortured soul, and I loved watching Eve help him put his demons to rest.  The story is wonderfully written and features some fascinating characters.

But what does being a jazz musician have to do with being a pirate king? To find out, readers, you’ll have to plunder the Pirate King.  You won’t be sorry that you did.


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