Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter
ISBN (13) 978-0-373-77129-5 (10) 0-373-77129-0
Reviewed by Amelia



Belle Jamison leads an ordinary life, sort of.  She canít keep a job and she has no love life.  Sheís just about to lose her job at a coffee shop when a strange thing happens.  During a melee, a scientist slips Belle a compound that gives her supernatural powers.  Now she can start fires, freeze people and control the elements.  Pretty cool, huh?

While Belle is suffering with what she thinks is the flu, or food poisoning, government agent Rome Masters enters her life.  Rome knows he should turn Belle over to his employers, but he canít quite do that.  He wants her to help him with a problem.  While running from two different groups of people, the pair fight a powerful attraction that has built between them.

Playing with Fire is a fantastic blend of humor, warmth, sex, and adventure.  Belle is an unlikely heroine, who struggles to control her new abilities.  Rome is a sexy agent that I fell in love with the minute he entered the room.  Together, Belle and Rome make a powerful pair.  One of the things I loved the most about them was the care and concern they showed not only for each other, but for their family members.

Playing with Fire is a roller coaster ride that will take a reader through spills, chills and thrills.  When itís over youíll be wondering whatís next for the fascinating characters, and their unique supporting cast, which includes fun loving Tanner and a sexy agent who can plug himself into an electrical socket, literally.  The tagline on this novel says ďTales of an Extra Ordinary Girl.Ē This book definitely lives up to its boast.


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