Pure Sin by S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly
Partners in Passion, Book Three
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN 9781419908941
Reviewed by Amelia



Tracy Harmon and George Cluny meet quite by accident.  They are both attending an art show when a particular photograph catches their eye.  The photo is that of a bound woman performing oral sex on a man.  They discuss the photo, and then go their separate ways.

Several weeks later they meet again.  Tracy, who runs an internet marketing service, is sizing up Pruett’s Inn for a potential customer who is interested in investing in the hotel.  George is in search of the man who took the photo that caught their interest.  They meet at the hotel and have dinner.  After dinner, they stumble upon a BDSM party that surprises, and intrigues, them both.

As they discover more and more about the inn, and its interesting side business, they take steps to explore the BDSM world themselves.  But will they like what they find?

Pure Sin is an intriguing novel that explores many aspects about the BDSM community.  The novel features very intriguing characters, both primary and secondary, that provide colorful reading.  I loved Monty the innkeeper.

I enjoyed taking a trip with Tracy and George as they took a tour of the dungeon.  George’s habit of e-mailing about his feelings, however, made me want to slap him upside the head at times.  I did like the fact that the couple explored their feelings about BDSM, as well as delving into the physical aspects.  That feature alone makes Pure Sin a must read for fans of BDSM.


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