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Seducing the Enemy by Lyndi Lamont
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-520-X
Reviewed by Jo



Sally Young has agreed to be an American spy for the rebels.  She lives and works in the coffee house that her brother-in-law owns.  Jack Tyrell, a British Major, has been placed in the coffee house while his troops are in town.  Jack is immediately taken with the young widow, Sally, and lets her know it.  Sally makes the decision to seduce Jack when she is almost caught.  However both Sally and Jack are not expecting to fall for each other.  When Jack discovers that Sally is a spy, can he turn her in?

Seducing the Enemy looks at the struggle of the Americans with the British, from the viewpoint of a woman who lost her husband to the war.  Sally has agreed to spy for the rebels in hopes that she can learn something to end this war.  Jack is British through and through, but he can understand some of what the Americans feel.  Circumstances create strange bedfellows and Sally and Jack are among them.  Sally and Jack as lovers are about as star-crossed as can be.  I found Seducing the Enemy to be a bittersweet romance, but one that I feel that lovers of historical romances will enjoy.


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