Stay by Treva Harte
Alpha Book 2
Loose Id
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-339-1
Reviewer: Maura



Lowell was now the Alpha of his own pack of misfits after years of being the Omega.  He’s been successful, if unrelenting, in his pursuits, but considers himself to be too perverted and kinky for any woman to want him.

Lin Kinkaid is the daughter of an Alpha who has known Lowell since she was a child.  But she’s not a child anymore and when she runs into Lowell in a bar, she knows exactly what she wants.  She wants Lowell and is more than capable of handling him, his kinkiness and his hostile pack.  Now she just has to convince him.

Stay drew me in from the first word to the last and I really liked the way the characters were able to still surprise me at the end.  Treva had already made me a fan with the first Alpha book and this story only confirmed that.  Lowell was a rather tormented hero with some secrets that he’s afraid to expose and yet unable to hide from his mate.  Lin is surprisingly mature for her age and very dominant in her own way.  Lusty sex is a great side-dish in Treva’s stories and this one is no exception to that rule.

Stay is a hot read that will definitely warm up any night.


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