Talking with the Dead by Shiloh Walker
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-384-2
Reviewer: Maura



A traumatic experience when he was a teen left Special Agent Michael O’Rourke able to see and speak to the spirits of the dead.  Ever since, Michael has used his gift to hunt for murderers with the help of their victims’ spirits.  In an attempt to get away from it all, he stops in Mitchell, Indiana. 

Daisy Crandall, newly named Sheriff of Mitchell, is at a dead end.  A series of calculated and gruesome murders have occurred; the last one was personal but it seems like all the leads go nowhere.  The appearance of a stranger in her little town makes her suspicious.  The murderer has taken another victim and time is ticking away.  Can the murderer be found before he takes the life of his latest victim?

Talking With The Dead is a story that manages to be both eerie and sensual at the same time.  I just fell into the intensity of this story and couldn’t put it down.  Michael truly embodied the saying that great gifts come at great prices and his efforts to do what he considers his duty in spite of how much it tears him up is truly heroic.  Daisy grows to believe Michael’s abilities at the same time she finds herself fascinated by the handsome and troubled FBI agent.

Talking With The Dead was absolutely engrossing.  I haven’t filed this book away yet – I’d just have to take it out to reread it again in a few days.


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