Twice Blessed  by Rachel Bo
Rated X-Mas
Loose Id
Non-traditional Werewolf Christmas Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-368-1
Reviewed by Shannon



Seven years ago, Jenny met two incredibly sexy men on her way out to California at the start of her journey to her new life.  Not knowing what came over her; she teased them and flashed her breasts.  When they asked her to marry them, she replied “I’ll marry you both, if you can catch me!”

Now, she has just returned home to visit her family for the holidays.  When she meets up with Devlin and Damien again, they draw her in, determined not to let her go this time.  Jenny wants them both, but can she accept them forever when she finds out what they are?

Twice Blessed is an erotic journey of one woman and the two men who drive her wild.  Jenny had completely forgotten about her promise to them, but over the course of her stay at home, she is completely captivated by the men they are today.  I felt that Jenny’s reactions were incredibly realistic and I couldn’t get enough of Dev and Damien.  These two are enough to drive any woman insane with lust!

Publisher’s Notes: This book contains content that may be offensive to some readers: m/f/m ménage; m/m sexual contact. Twice Blessed was previously released in the Rated X-mas Anthology. As one of the stories in the anthology is no longer available, Twice Blessed has been broken out for individual sale.


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