Frosty…The Real Man by C.J. England
Forbidden Publications
Reviewed by Klarissa



Amy Cassidy and her friends hate that they can’t find real men in Aspen, Colorado.  Although picky, Amy just wants a man who will truly love her.  After one to many beers the girls set out to Amy’s house where they decide to sculpt their perfect man out of snow.


Amy makes her snowman carefully, filling in every detail.  Once inside and in bed a Christmas spirit visits Amy’s Frosty and fills him with life.  Givrè believes his purpose is to go to the ball with Amy, but as he spends more time with her he finds his heart more into his mission.  When his time on earth is over, will the magic of Christmas come through for them again?


Frosty…The Real Man is your favorite children’s Christmas story all grown up.  C.J. England creates a magical tale that comes to life right before your eyes.  Fascinating, creative characters and a picturesque setting will capture you and whisk you away into Amy and Givrè’s world.  C.J. England is a marvelous writer who knows how and when to pull your heartstrings.  If you haven’t read Frosty…The Real Man you are missing out on this delightful tale.




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