Temptation by J.C. Wilder
Shadow Dwellers, Book 6
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 1-4199-0738-7
Reviewed by Georgia



After the death of one of her best friends, wealthy socialite Vivian Carrington takes a look at her life and realizes she’s not very happy.  She begins a voyage of self-discovery that leads her to New Orleans and a sexy, young bartender as well as danger and love.


As a preternatural being, vampire Damien St. James – also known as Sinjin – has seen and done a lot.  Six months before, the love of his life was killed and he left his isolated home in the Highlands of Scotland for the good times of New Orleans. Now, he feels the pull of the beautiful, yet mysterious, woman who frequents his bar, Chat Noir, and who seems immune to his many charms.


This is a time of turmoil for the preternatural world.  An evil vampire named Mikhail is threatening the Council of Elders as a long lost, powerful diary surfaces. 


Will Vivian and Sinjin acknowledge their feelings for each other before the danger that surrounds both of them finally closes in?


As the sixth story in the Shadow Dweller series, Temptation continues the saga of the preternatural beings and their struggle for power and dominance, yet is written so that it could be read as a stand-alone book.  Vivian is so wonderfully human that she compliments Sinjin very well.  As a spoiled, rich woman Vivian always had her pick of men.  When a very good friend suddenly dies, she realizes she wants more from life.  At first Sinjin seems like all the other men she’s used in the past to try and fill the emptiness inside, but because of his unique background, he is able to really understand her as no one has before.  They both feel the pull but are afraid to act on that attraction.  It is only as danger stalks both of them that they realize the depth of their feelings.  The Shadow Dweller series is a fascinating one that includes all manner of preternatural beings as well as a good dose of romance.



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