Things That Go Bump In the Night VI by Dawn Madigan,
C.S. Chatterly, Sally Painter
Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal Anthology/Halloween
ISBN 1-4199-0729-8
Reviewed by Amelia



Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle by Sally Painter


Amy Rover has inherited a crumbling castle in England.  She and her friend, Tessa McMurray, however, see a chance to turn the castle into a hotel, and make a little money.  The cabdriver who delivers them to the castle, though, warns that it is haunted by a gargoyle.


When they move in and start renovations, they are both visited by dream lovers, wonderful men who provide them with fantastic sex during their sleeping hours.   When strange things start happening, they can’t decide what is going wrong.  They do know one thing, however, their dream lovers are fantastic.  But are they dreams, or realities.


Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle is a fascinating tale of things that go bump in the night.  Both Amy and Tessa are visited by very real and very hot lovers, who heat things up in Gargoyle Castle.  I loved the feeling in this book, and the way the two friends worked together to get to the bottom of things.  This tale is sure to delight lovers of paranormal romance.



Every Witch Way But Loose by C.S. Chatterly


Brogan O’Halloran has joined the police force in tiny Oak Glen to get away from the hectic, and dangerous, life of London.  He loves his new job and the laid back life of the area.  On Halloween, though, he is called to investigate a light at Wolf’s Head Castle, which has been abandoned and is in great decline.


Wiccan Laura Moonwind has gone to the castle to perform a Samhain ceremony that will, she hopes, provide her with proof of her family’s claim to the castle.


When the two are alone together in the castle, the building takes over and shows them things about the land, and about each other, that will make it an All Hallow’s Eve to remember.


Rich and atmospheric, Every Witch Way But Loose is a very imaginative, very creative story that held me spellbound.  The tale is fast paced and full of fascinating twists and turns.  The house takes on a life of its own and becomes another character, one that will both fascinate a reader, and send chills up their spine at the same time.  The reader is in for a fun ride with Ms. Chatterly’s story of the legend of Wolf’s Head Castle.



Full Moon in Virgo by Dawn Madigan


Aniki Sandor is a gypsy witch who toils away at a little known newspaper in Wichita.  She has hopes of joining the FBI’s Criminal Thaumaturgy Division.  But those dreams were shot down.


Aniki knows there has been a psychopath running around kidnapping virgins on Halloween for several years now. To prove herself, she decides to catch the killer herself.


FBI agent Rick Spade has been working the case for a while.  He is surprised to find Aniki working the same case, since he was the reason she was rejected at the Bureau.  Rick knows that in order to protect the innocent witch, he has to teach her about sex, and discipline and how to control her magic.  And he has to do it before Halloween, which is just around the corner.


Full Moon in Virgo is a fun, sexy read that is full of action and adventure.  Rick is a tantalizing hero who knows how to handle every situation that comes up.  I loved watching him and Aniki interact with each other.  This story is a fantastic end to an anthology full of magic and entertaining tales.



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