Vandarís War by Reese Gabriel
More Than Males series, Book 6
Elloraís Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0750-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Primale commander Vandar is extremely irritated when the psychosensologist he was expecting turns out to be a female.  Immediately dismissing her and having no qualms about it, his primale instincts are in full engagement.  There is no way he is allowing his men anywhere near this woman, Reeva.  She belongs off his space station and Vandar is bound and determined that she is going to be removed.  Easier said than done, because Nyssa and Theron, Vandarís bosses and the highest authority in the land have given Reeva their permission to stay.  Vandar canít help how he feels, he is a primale.  He wants Reeva bound, submissive and under his control. 


Reeva canít believe the audacity of Commander Vandar.  Totally archaic is what he is and she canít believe that he is scared of a fem like her.   Well, of course, the fact that Reeva imagines herself bound and at Vandarís mercy doesnít help either.  Reeva just wants to do her job and study the effect of combat on Vandarís troops.  If she could only get him and her body to cooperate, things would go so much smoother.


Vandarís War is book six of Reese Gabrielís ĎMore Than Maleí series and like the prior books in this series, Vandarís War focuses on the needs of the primale to find that one woman who, through her submission, completes his life.  I found the tone of Vandarís War a bit different because Vandar was stubbornly adamant that he would not succumb to the whiles of a female and that he needed no one when in all actuality, Reeva healed his wounded soul in more ways than he realized.  Of course, the fact that he was just so darn alpha and delicious might have helped me come up with that idea.


Since BDSM is one of my favorite genres to read, I completely adored Vandarís War and hope that this isnít the last of this totally 'out of this world' series! I adore Reese Gabriel!



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