Taming the Highland Bride by Lynsay Sands

The Devil Of The Highlands, Book 2


Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-0-06-134478-7

Reviewed by Nannette




Merewen Stewart is anxious to meet and marry her betrothed, Alexander d’Aumesbery. She wants to leave her home and start a new life. Merry’s father and brothers are drunkards and while Merry works hard to keep the castle running, they only work hard trying to get the whiskey she hides from them. Merry’s hopes are dashed when she arrives at Alex’s home to find her betrothed as drunk as her father and brothers usually are. All is not what it seems though, and with his life in danger, Alex must prove that he is the man Merry has been waiting her whole life for.

Taming the Highland Bride is a story shrouded in mystery and misgivings. Danger follows Alex and Merry at every turn. Merry’s disappointment when she first sees Alex is genuine. My heart broke a little for her then. She is stoic and capable and was able to move on, although you can feel her sadness at having to. Alex is exactly the kind of man Merry needs. It takes a while for him to prove it to her.  Their relationship becomes passionate and heartfelt in the process. While Taming the Highland Bride is second in the The Devil Of The Highlands series, I read it after book three - The Hellion and The Highlander. The series may be read out of order without much lapse in continuity.


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