Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy

Accidental Series, Book 4

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425232286

Reviewed by Jo




Casey Schwartz took a job that seemed like a good idea at the time, but keeping up with two spoiled and pampered twenty-somethings has taken over her life.  She was trying to get them out of trouble the night she was arrested – supposedly for assaulting a police officer.  The problem is Casey doesn’t remember the night and she‘s about the mellowest person anyone knows.  Unsure what to do, Casey calls her sister for bail and that call is just the first of many wake up calls for Casey.

Clayton Gunnersson is an old vampire who had personal reasons for being in the bar that night.  However, instead of getting out as easily as he got in, Clayton ended up causing an accident that affected both him and Casey.  But first he has to find out who the woman in the bar was and then hope she will believe his wild tale.  His first meeting with Casey didn’t exactly go as he hoped, but Clayton is willing to accept responsibility for his actions.

Casey has gone from mellow to having a horrible temper and producing fireballs.  Her sexual libido has gone through the roof too, at least it has when Clayton is anywhere nearby.  Clayton and Casey have little time to figure out how the demon blood may have changed Casey.  There is also the huge matter of sexual need that has quickly gone much farther than attraction and they haven’t even kissed yet.  Clayton is trying to help out while keeping secrets, but in a close group of women there is no such thing as secrets.  The truth comes out, as it always will, and soon both Clayton and Casey will have to make decisions that will affect their lives forever.  Even with the help of family and friends, can Clayton and Casey find a way to defeat a determined demon?

What’s a girl to do when she learns about the paranormal world and sexy vampires?  Casey takes a crash course in Accidentally Demonic.  Trying to finally be self-sufficient and not let on how badly her life has turned, Casey has limited her contact with friends and family.  That is until she finds out she needs them more than ever.

Clayton is well respected by his vampire clan, but certain things have gone on too long.  I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched Casey and Clayton interact from their first meeting until the last page.  The constant and sarcastic humor twined throughout their story just helped prove there’s always a silver lining now matter how dark the problem.  I enjoyed more than just Casey and Clayton’s interactions but that of the entire group.    Casey and Clayton’s road was more than bumpy; it was also fun and loved-filled.  Accidentally Demonic is just the ticket after a tough day for some good demonic fun.

I don’t know if this is the final Accidental book, but as I was reading along it hit me just how far the series has come since we were all worried about our color wheels.  Dakota Cassidy has taken paranormal humor and twisted it with superb results.


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