A Game of Chances by T.C. Blue

Farmingdale Gentleman's Club, Book 1


Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-85715-037-0

Reviewed by Nannette




Marcus thought his ex-boyfriend Stephen was the only one who could hurt him so badly, but his new friend Tanner might hurt him worse and endanger his life. Marcus is not attracted to Tanner, except he canít get him out of his mind. Tanner is attracted to Marcus, but he canít do anything about it. Tanner is not who he appears to be and in order to stay alive, he has to keep his secrets.  But his desire for Marcus is strong and it might get them both killed.

The chemistry between Marcus and Tanner is strong. That deep connection sustains them through all of the secrecy and lies between them.  One of the worst things Tanner could do to ensure the failure of his mission is to fall for someone in the Game. But he does, and hard. Falling for Marcus is not only foolish, itís dangerous and futile. Marcus is without a doubt the only man for Tanner. No one else could be so strong and understanding. An intriguing game of espionage lands them both in situations they could never have foreseen. Exciting twists and turns and page after page of angst make A Game of Chances a riveting tale of deceit and danger.


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