Base Nature by Sommer Marsden

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Shapeshifter

ISBN: 9781419926679

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Liv McCoy has been hurt throughout her life and thought of as weak.  Meeting Garrett Gustafson changes her life in more ways than one.  Now, instead of trying to be the one that doesn’t make any trouble, Liv wants to be the one with power.  Convincing Garrett that she is tough enough to handle becoming what he is will take more than just pretty words.  Liv is going to have to show him exactly how strong she can be.

Garrett knows that changing Liv is a no-no.  Not only is it considered taboo, but it is dangerous as well.  The thing with Liv, however, is Garrett desires her.  He wants her in the worst sort of way and if changing her will make her his, Garrett will consider doing what he has to do.  He might need to be convinced, however, and that is where these two heady characters fall in love.

Hot from the get go is what comes to mind thinking of Base Nature.  It was erotic and heady and simply a naughty book.  I liked how the plot played out and found Garrett and Liv to be the perfect couple.  Liv had a lot to prove to herself and did so and so much more.  Base Nature is a book I will read more than once!


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