Blood Magic by Shayne Carmichael

Blood Ties, sequel

Torquere Press

Urban Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-923-1

Reviewed by Lisa




There is something to be said for close relationships and thatís exactly what Adrian Debrett has with vampire prince Gabriel Garland and the Mummy, Xander.  Adrian is a ghoul whose job is to guide ghosts to their rest.  Having left the vampire Nikolai back in Colorado, Adrian is content these days to be residing in San Diego with the two men.

Adrian has also ended up with several feline shifters living with him, one of which is being framed for murder. He is slowly learning how to deal with the new Ďgiftsí he has because of his association with Gabriel and Xander.  Itís not all smooth sailing however, since Adrian is still getting over what Nikolai put him through, as well as clearing his werecat. Plus, heís trying to help Gabrielís son Skye with Nikolaiís son Ash as they continue to deny their feelings for each other.  Sometimes it seems like Adrian can never find the time to do his own job.  There are days when Adrian feels overwhelmed and exhausted. Is it too much to ask for some breathing room and to be left alone?

Blood Magic is slick and stylish entertainment.  Adrian Debrett is a charming, fascinating character who is the focal point in this fast paced, character heavy, suspenseful tale.  Luckily for readers, everyone has a well defined style because otherwise it would be very difficult to keep track of them.  While Blood Magic can be read as a standalone tale, there are quite a few under currents in this story that must have begun in Blood Ties.  It should also be mentioned that while the men do have sexual relations, they arenít described in this tale other than kissing.  Blood Magic is compelling, passionate, and wholly riveting.  Action packed and original, Blood Magic is something special.  Also, the ending leaves a door open, so hopefully we will hear from Adrian Debrett once again.


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