Bound by Donna Grant

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ISBN: 978-1-906811-99-0

Reviewed by Klarissa




Yarrow has always wanted Taraca, but his secret has kept him from claiming her.  He believed he didn't deserve her because of his origins.  Now, however, he has waited too long and her father has promised her to an old man, Lord Lyr.  Seeing Taraca slip from the castle, Yarrow follows her thinking she is going to outrun her fate.  That's when he witnesses the Kellians, a rival group of people, take Taraca from their land.  Outraged, Yarrow goes alone to find her and bring her back to his home, but when he arrives to rescue her, she's already been claimed by a tough Kellian named Cryoe.  Yarrow won't let that stop him, so he challenges Cryoe, and Yarrow is bound and determined to win Taraca.

Bound by Donna Grant is a most fascinating read.  All the characters really project their emotions, drawing you into their world and their life.  This is a fantasy story that infuses just enough romance, adventure, and suspense to keep you turning the pages. I loved how Yarrow raced to Taraca's aid and how strong Taraca remained through her whole ordeal. I absolutely loved Bound.


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