Bride Ball by Brenna Lyons



ISBN: 978-1-60659-552-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Prince Edward of Lenvia is given an ultimatum by his father, King Benjamin.  He must either choose a bride (like yesterday!), or else one will be chosen for him. Edward decides to meet the challenge by hosting Bride Balls, where sexual exploits are encouraged and indulged.

Amber is the illegitimate offspring of a noble and his mistress working as a servant in her own home.  Her grandmother is her biggest supporter, going as far as to push her into attending the Bride Ball.  She braves the venomous wrath of her stepmother to attend and loses her virginity and her heart.  Her escape is narrow; what she doesn’t realize is a very determined prince is in hot pursuit with one item linking her to the night they shared.

Will everything end in tears due to the schemes, lies, and plots of others?  Or will Amber escape the tyranny of her stepmother to share a life with the mystery man of her dreams?

Move over Cinderella!  It’s time to make room for Bride Ball, a very sleek, erotic and progressive variation of a classic that’s been given an adult makeover.  The story is brilliantly divided into three segments that tie everything together so smoothly that you won’t notice the break.  It a fabulous way of taking a sneak-peak into the subplot line of characters that are introduced at the start.  The author is gifted at turning the tables or the narrative as it were, on its rear to allow the most delightfully delicious plot twists! Eat your heart out Disney!

The wicked stepmother, Mora, is vicious, cunning, and so mercenary you will shiver.  I must reiterate that despite her vileness she is not the least bit clichéd.  This poisonous noblewoman has everyone maneuvering to keep the upper hand. Of course, she’s passed on a few choice moves to her offspring, which is the perfect opportunity to showcase Amber’s and Edward’s strengths individually and as a couple.  Amber is lively, cautious, and resigned to her fate.  I was impressed by her intelligence and spirit. Edward carries the same strong will with a deep seated sensitivity and impressive insight.  He’s also willing to correct his missteps, and make amends when needed. The mating dance between them sizzles with fire, fervor and feistiness that doesn’t quit!

Brenna Lyons is especially gifted at creating interesting, unusual characters in lively, unique settings by using angst to drive the plot, thereby keeping you hooked until the climatic ending.   By giving a fairy tale favorite a facelift she’s keeping it alive and giving it extra zing for the nostalgic and the cynical.  Pizzazz, pursuit and pleasure make for good times, nail biting, and spectacles worth diving into.  Sometimes the schemes of the antagonists are downright brutal, and I was on the edge waiting to discover how it would all come together, holding out for a HEA.  This author never disappoints from the prologue to the last paragraph.  Put this one on your dance card and shake a tail feather.


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