Bucked by Cat Johnson

Studs in Spurs, Book 2

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-900-7

Reviewed by Tanya




Sage Beckett has had a crush on Michael long before he was bull riding and came up with the nickname “Mustang”.  She was the little sister to his girlfriend in high school and didn’t grow into her looks and body until Michael was long gone.  Now that he is home recuperating from a serious injury she has decided she wants to satisfy her curiosity and thinks a one night fling will purge him from her system.  She doesn’t expect that this cowboy has the staying power or desire to stick around.

Mustang Jackson fled the small town life years ago and does two things well: rides bulls and loves woman.  When an injury sidelines him from bull riding he is surprised to find that Sage is all grown up and makes him think of some pretty carnal things.  But, when Mustang gets desperate for money and actually gets paid to be a stud in front of the camera he starts to realize that what he wants might not mesh with this new side job.  What will he do and what will happen when Sage finds out about this side job?  Will she run for the hills or will Mustang run before telling her to avoid the heartache?

I was glad to see that Mustang actually finds someone from his past to relate to.  I also think that Sage is a great character who, while she took a lot from Mustang, is written to be the woman for him.  Besides I love to see the duckling grow into the desirable swan and get her man.

Cat Johnson continues to be one of my favorite authors.  Whether it is in military, contemporary or the cowboy arena she definitely knows her alpha males.  She is also able to portray normal situations so that they are interesting and you understand where her characters have come from and where their growth might take them, such as Mustang wanting a different life than was expected for him. Don’t get me wrong Bucked is a highly erotic story that has a ménage, a d/S and some regular cowboy loving in it but you will love the plot line that goes with it.


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