Dead by Midnight by Beverly Barton


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9781420100518

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Lorie Hammons has tried to have a good life since her movie career came to a crashing halt.  She has said and done things she isnít proud of, but is tired of constantly feeling like she has to apologize all the time.  Her ex-high school sweetheart is the sheriff of Dunmore and ever since Lorie returned, he has treated her as a pariah and avoided her like the plague.  Lorie can live with that, but then she gets a death threat in the mail.  Then she gets another one, and this one is more sinister than the first.  Now she has no choice but to take her troubles to Mike Birkett, the man she used to love and if she was honest with herself, she would admit that her feelings for Mike have never gone away. With the threat of death approaching, Mike and Lorie have got to come to some sort of conclusion with their relationship Ė if they can stay alive long enough.

Dead by Midnight scared me to death. Me whimpy? Most definitely.  The suspense was enough to make me grind my teeth and I found myself almost afraid to turn the page. Seriously. Dead by Midnight was the most suspenseful book I have read in a very long time.  It made me look around corners and check out my surroundings.  As for Mike and Lorie? I am happy to say that these two characters definitely belonged together.  Their love for each other took a detour, but soon ended up on the right road.

If romantic suspense is your cup of tea, donít hesitate to invest in Dead by Midnight.  This volatile and well written novel will leave you breathless and panting for more!


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