Enslaving Sylvia by Cherry Lee



Reviewed by Tanya




Sylvia knows that she is not living the life that she wants.  She is in a normal office job and each day she is there she is more and more disillusioned that this is the life she is meant to live.  Especially when her lovers leave her wanting, but as an adult she knows what she wants, she wants to be a submissive in a D/s relationship but now how to go about finding one.

One of her male coworkers knows just what she needs and he is prepared to give it to her, in fact he kidnaps her one night and enslaves her.  She is called pet, princess, puppy girl, and even slut but is this life what she wants forever? And is this the Master and relationship that she has always desired?

Be prepared for different styles of BDSM and even enslavement in this latest novella by Cherry Lee.  I was not expecting all that I read about in Enslaving Sylvia and while it was an interesting and erotic read it will not be seen as light BDSM by many.  I felt it tended more towards the hardcore with the kidnapping etc.  I found the story to be well written and different situations well described by the author.  Those who are fans of BDSM will definitely enjoy Enslaving Sylvia.


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