Family Matters by Tymber Dalton

Love Slave for Two, Book 2

Siren Publishing

Erotic M/M/F Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60601-441-2

Reviewed by Nannette




Nevvie, Tyler, and Thomas are happily married and raising their son Adam when tragedy strikes. First they are betrayed by someone they know. Then Tyler’s life is in danger when his exhaustion turns out to be something much more dangerous than lack of sleep. Just when Nevvie thinks things couldn’t get worse, they do, and she’s faced with the real possibility of losing both of her men.  The heartache doesn’t stop there. Nevvie, Tyler, and Thomas’ love will be put to the test as they deal with one challenge after another.

Family Matters is dramatic, erotic, and surprisingly realistic as it addresses the obstacles a polyamorous relationship would probably face.  Nevvie, Tyler, and Thomas are a unit. It never feels as if anyone is left out. Their personalities are very different though and sometimes it’s noticeable. Family Matters has the sizzling, almost predictable, sex that many ménage stories have, but it sets itself apart with its poignant storyline. Almost losing Tyler and Thomas is heart wrenching for Nevvie and it makes Thomas’ betrayal that much bigger of a blow. Family Matters is a story full of twists and turns. There is heartache around every corner for a while. Ms. Dalton does such a wonderful job portraying the characters’ emotions and the intensity of the dilemmas they find themselves in that I found myself reading through the sex scenes a bit faster to get back to the heart of the story.


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