Fireman for Christmas by Pipe Denna

12 Days of Christmas

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-501-3

Reviewed by Tanya




Timi has decided that she isnít going to spend another painful Christmas with her family talking about her single status.  Add to that she knows that she will see the man she has lusted after for years, as he is her brotherís best friend.  So she decides to rent a cabin for one and escape with her sketch pad, and set her mind to moving on and letting her attraction to Clay stay part of her past.  Too bad that all the sketches she seems to be making are of Clay.

Fireman Clay canít believe that Timi has gone on a lovers retreat for the holiday.  This might just be the push he finally needs to tell his best friend that enough is enough and that he is going to go try things with Timi whether he likes it or not.  But, will Timi be alone and will she welcome him?  More importantly will he even get there with the oncoming snowstorm?

Ms Denna has written a strong holiday romance story.  I love how they both have had feelings for each other but are willing to just move on due to the love for Timiís brother, who doesnít understand how much they really care for each other.  I found Fireman for Christmas a great holiday pick me up that could be read any time of year.  Ms. Denna does a great job in writing a believable story.


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