Flash Point by Lena Austin

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-395-8

Reviewed by Lisa




A fire, followed by a rescue in a tree, introduces fireman Dustin Hardesty to a tabby cat, otherwise known as Tigs, a feline shifter.

Dustin is still grieving over the death of his partner when he meets Tigs, yet the chemistry is undeniable between them.  Tigs considers himself nothing more than a common alley cat, definitely not good enough for Dustin.  However, it seems that fate has plans for the two that doesn’t include them being apart.

Flash Point, a lovely romance with a solid punch of lust!  Likeable, engaging characters are set in an entertaining love story readers are sure to enjoy.  This is one story certain to put a smile on your face.  Readers will embrace Flash Point, a fun, fast tale.


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