Four Play by Shelli Stevens

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-878-9

Reviewed by Tanya




Mikayla is twenty-five and while she is a successful planetary secretary she knows that she has a tough decision to make.  Unfortunately, her world has more males than females so at twenty-five she is required to pick a life mate.  She knew this would happen but other than there is one man who seems to want her for her position the three that she wants the most are her best friends.  While she knows each would lay down their life for her, she is worried when she chooses it will tear their close friendship apart.

The problem is that the only way she can see herself being happy in the future is with one of these three men.  Each will do what it takes to win her.  Mikayla finds herself driven mad with desire, cherished and loved after spending time alone with them. 

How will she chose, or will the men come up with a better solution?

Four Play is a sexually charged tale of one woman who is not sure how she can choose between the three men she has grown up with, and now desires.  There is intrigue mixed in as there is a fourth who seems to want her for her position and what it can do for him, without any care to her feelings or wants.  I found that Ms. Stevens wrote a story that was easily read and created a world that was easy to follow.  If you like your erotic romances with more than one alpha male and a little sweetness then you need to lick up Four Play.


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