Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy

Fast Track, Book 2

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425228470

Reviewed by Shayna




Sociology graduate student Imogen Wilson has recently been transplanted from her rather cautious, sheltered world in New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, where stock car racing reigns supreme and where life moves at 180 mph – if you hang around stock car drivers, that is.  When she meets a young woman who is completely fixated on marrying a race car driver, to the point where she has a rule book she follows tailored to that purpose, Imogen gets a brilliant idea for her thesis: she’ll follow the rules of How to Marry a Race Car Driver in Six Easy Steps and see if a guidebook tailored to a specific occupation can actually result in success.  There’s just one problem – Ty McCordle.  The sexy race car driver would be the perfect candidate to experiment on, except for her deep, inexplicable attraction to a man who is her complete opposite.  Imogen will just have to ignore her desire for Ty until she finishes her research.  But what’s Imogen to do when Ty sets his sights – and considerable charms – on her?

It’s love in the fast lane for the protagonists of Erin McCarthy’s sexy second installment to her Fast Track series.  Hard and Fast takes the world of stock car racing, adds in a sinfully handsome driver, a beautiful and brainy grad student, and the judicious use of Shakespeare to create a wonderfully entertaining tale of not-quite-opposites attracting.  Ty’s a hero who made me melt with his romantic nature, confidence on the racetrack (not to mention in the bedroom), and vulnerability over his dyslexia.  But what really won me over about Ty was how completely enthralled he was with Imogen’s mind.  And the object of his affections?  She delighted me with her inquisitive nature.  The two of them were quite a pair and Ms. McCarthy made it easy for me to become invested in their relationship.

I have not yet read Flat-Out Sexy, the first book in the Fast Track series, so I can safely say Imogen and Ty’s romance stands on its own.  However, I definitely want to go back and read Tamara and Elec’s story, as they are strong supporting characters in Hard and Fast.  There are also two other characters central to this tale, namely Imogen’s friend Suzanne and Ty’s friend Ryder.  Suzanne and Ryder have been divorced for two years, but the sparks that flew between them in Hard and Fast made me desperate for their book.  Thank goodness their story is next, because it’s going to be hard enough to wait for that book as is.  While I wait for those two to get their happily ever after, I’ll just have to lose myself in Hard and Fast.  With its winning characters and fast-moving plot, something tells me that won’t be a hardship.


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