Healing the Beast by Sable Grey

Breathless Press

Historical Paranormal  M/F/M

ISBN: 978-1-926771-05-2

Reviewed by Klarissa




Lord Conen Mars Sheridan of Glashire, found himself the only one remaining alive on the battlefield.  Barely waking from his wounds, he believes a beautiful angel has come down to take him.  She proves to be his savior.  Marial has looked through the bodies of the battle hoping she would be there in case someone was alive.  Surprisingly, she discovers one soldier barely alive.  He is the soldier who her deceased husband held in high regard and she knows she must help him.  Conen, however, holds a beastly secret, one that Marial is surprisingly easy to accept.  Something about Lord Sheridan has captured her attention and drawn her in.  He opens up feelings she thought had died with her husband.  Now together, he helps her soar and experience new things.  She doesn't want to let him go, but once he is healed will he choose to leave her behind?

Healing the Beast is a good story that held my attention from the very beginning.  It started out one way and then I was greatly surprised how Marial decided to take her future into her own hands and experience things she probably never would have before.  Healing the Beast will draw you in quickly and hold you to the pages until the final paragraph.  Ms. Grey knows how to build a story and make it all wonderful in the end.


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