Hell Hath No Fury by Carol Lynne

The City, Book 1

Resplendence Publishing

Fantasy M/M

Reviewed by Lisa




Most label it Hell, but Lucifer or ‘Lu’ as he prefers, calls it The City.  The fallen Archangel controls The City with a firm hand and a somewhat lonely heart.  His best friend is Basileios ‘Baz’ Kostopoulous, a Spartan who chooses to live in The City instead of Heaven, calling Heaven too tame for a true warrior.

Through the grapevine Lu learns that an ancient enemy is loose and has the means to kill him.  Because the threat is real, Dominic Ramos and his team are dispatched from guarding Heaven’s gates to protect Lu.  Dominic’s perceptions of what Hell would be are nothing like the reality of The City.  But it is Lu himself who really throws Dominic for a loop.  Dominic should be repelled by the fallen one; unfortunately his heart and his libido aren’t listening very hard.  Finding the threat is hard enough without trying to keep their hands to themselves and their emotions closed off.  God help them.

Hell Hath No Fury will seriously blow you away!  Scorching hot sex heats the pages in this imaginative tale of lost souls and a tragic redemption.  Hell Hath No Fury is a fresh take on the wicked subject, Lucifer.  Author Carol Lynne gives readers a completely new twist on the big, bad guy and his hot home.  Hell Hath No Fury offers carnal fun, witty dialogue, and a dangerously sexy hero. Pure entertainment.


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