Kindred by Rebecca Goings

Champagne Books


ISBN: 978-1-926681-78-8

Reviewed by Lisa




Nothing can be more difficult than watching your only surviving relative fade before your eyes. That is the burden placed on Alana Capria.  Her grandmotherís ramblings and dying request, which at first she dismisses and later learns as truth, changes Alanaís life forever.

Never in her wildest dreams would Alana believe that dragon shifters exist.  More importantly, Alana can barely take in the fact that she is from another dimension. That she is from the House of the Sun and betrothed to Rionshalintaris from the House of Ice.  So much is happening so fast that Alana isnít sure who to believe.  The only thing Alana can do is trust in herself and the choices she makes.

A modern day fairytale with a touch of sensuality is found in the pages of Kindred.  Magic, make believe, and romance are wrapped up in this hot little tale.  Alana is the consummate heroine; she has strength and spirit while Rion is, of course, all alpha with a touch of tenderness.  Add in the tension and suspense of the bad dragon shifter to form a love triangle.  Kindred is a fun ĎOnce upon a timeí tale thatís fast and sexy.


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