Leather and Lace by Lily Graison

Wicked, Book 2

Alinar Publishing


Reviewed by Jo




Roxy Carlisle is an attorney who works hard and plays even harder.  Right now she is on her way to join her best friend for a week in New York and in the company of the Wicked band members.   While seeing Holly is going to be great, Roxy is really looking forward to meeting a specific band member - Luke.  Roxy has wanted Luke for quite awhile and knows just how she wants to spend this week.

Luke Harris is used to getting whatever woman he wants with a smile.  After all, he knows he looks good, is a member of a rock band and just plain loves women.  A smile, a drink and a quiet (or not so quiet) question and they are off for a night to remember.  Walking through the hotel bar, Luke gets lots of suggestions but he has picked out the woman for the night Ė a sexy brunette sitting at the bar.  Imagine his surprise when she just happens to be the best friend of a band mateís girlfriend.  Just when Luke thinks things are going to get interesting, they are interrupted.

Roxy has every intention of taking Luke up on the offer that should be coming any moment.  But before that can happen, Holly gives her an insane idea.  Resist Luke.  At first Roxy canít think of one sane reason to do that but then her first class brain kicks into action and Roxy sees what could be.  Luke is facing a first Ė a woman who flirts like crazy but isnít falling into his bed.  Luke loves a challenge - Roxy has just become one and he hates to lose at anything.  As the week goes on, Luke and Roxy learn who the other is inside.  When passion finally takes hold, dreams are fulfilled for both of them.  When the week is over, will Roxy and Luke be able to say goodbye and go on with their lives, or will their hearts have something to say?

Can a city lawyer and a rock star find a way to be together?  Leather and Lace brings Luke and Roxy colliding together.  Roxy lives by the rules, even when playing as hard as she can.  Luke just loves to crush any rule brought to his attention.  One week in each otherís company brings out the truth in what each needs.  I loved how Roxy and Luke circled around their attraction with flirts and suggestions before Roxy finally gave into her wildest dream.  What really had me falling for Luke was the revealing look at his personality he gave to Roxy Ė without her even realizing how special it was until later.  At the end of their week, I was very worried about what would be next.  Two people from such different worlds actually finding a way to combine them truly did bring a great ending.  Leather and Lace proves that seduction can be a fun and lazy spiral that you never want to pull out of.

After reading about the first two band members, I canít wait to read about the last two.


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