Love at First Bight by Tymber Dalton

Deep Space Mission Corps, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Erotic M/M/F Futuristic

ISBN: 1-60601-342-4

Reviewed by Nannette




Dr. Emilia Hypatia has just graduated with an Alpha Healer Ranking and is ready for her next challenge, so she decides to respond to an ad for the Deep Space Mission Corps. If she is successfully paired with a crew, she will tenure in space the next five years with Captain Aaron Lucio, First Officer Caphis Bates, and Mate Ford Caliban. The crew of the Tamora Bight. Caph and Ford want Emi the first time the meet her. They’ll need to prove that they can work together in and out of bed though. Aaron wants Emi as much as Ford and Caph, but he knows sometimes you have to pay a price for happiness and he’s not sure he can pay it again.

First and foremost, Love at First Bight is a ménage story.  It’s geared that way from the very beginning. Emi is going into space with three men who are already in a romantic relationship and it is expected, as well as part of her duty, to service them sexually. It’s erotic, but takes some of the romance out of it because instead of feeling natural, their relationship feels a bit contrived. Having said that, Love at First Bight does have a story to back all of the hot sex. Aaron is a tortured hero and the rest of the crew, including Emi, are desperate to get him to start living again. Emi gets herself three very attentive male lovers. Ford is her intellectual guy. Caph is her fun loving guy, and Aaron is her sophisticated gentleman. What more could a girl ask for? One of the best parts of Love at First Bight is the unexpected twist at the end.


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