Mist and Stone by Bronwyn Green

Total E-Bound


ISBN: 978-1-907280-51-1

Reviewed by Klarissa




After protecting a young priestess from an unwelcome advance from one of Arthur's Knights, Willow is shocked to see someone from her past come to her rescue.  His entrance in her life brings back old feelings.  Feelings that are even now hard to keep to herself.  However, she is on a different path, one that doesn't include Gareth, or does it?

After encountering Willow again after many years, Gareth is shocked when his body comes alive for her.  He wants her beyond all reason, but doesn't think it's in his future.  Yet, when the Lady of the Lake comes to speak with Arthur about lying with the Goddess incarnate, Arthur refuses and appoints Gareth to find a knight suitable to lie with the Goddess.  However, when he finds out the Goddess is going to be Willow, the only person suitable is himself.  Gareth will do everything in his power to make sure he is the one, but forces beyond their control hinder him with danger lurking and waiting to strike.

Mist and Stone is a tale about Camelot with knights, priestesses, and evil waiting in the shadows.  I love how this story focuses on one knight within Arthur's knights and one of the Lady of the Lake's priestesses.  Willow and Gareth's fight for love is trying and emotional, but addicting.  Bronwyn Green writes with creative description and is able to pull the reader into this medieval tale.  You'll be enchanted!


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